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We are proud to announce that Horseshoes and Highheels is an official partner for Fashions at the Polo, at the upcoming XI FIP World Polo Championship 21st – 29th October.


The World Polo Championship brings polo players from around the globe to compete at the Sydney Polo Club. Not only is it a fast and fierce competition with hooves flying on the field, but it also gives fashionistas a chance to flaunt their own distinctive style. Although, unlike the match, in polo fashion- there are no rules! Dress it up or dress it down, we cannot wait to see your creative and unique designs on the runway! With a collection of prizes up for grabs, be sure to register at the event to enter. More details coming soon!



The founder of H&H, LaToyah Asha is a model, fashionista, horse rider, racing and polo enthusiast. We chat to her about her inspirations and how she is working to bring fashion and female empowerment to the forefront of the equestrian industry.

Founder LaToyah Asha / Photographer – Lauren Orrell


You’ve created a unique platform with Horseshoes and Highheels, where did the idea for H&H come from?

H&H started over a glass of champagne and my Sydneysider girlfriends (I think all our best ideas start with champagne). I’d been working with horses for years and wanted to create an online business that was inspired by these beautiful animals. I love the harmony of traditional etiquette and modern influences in the equestrian lifestyle. So, with a little encouragement and big message from friends to “GO FOR IT”, I finally put my thoughts into action and here we are. To me, combining fashion and horses seemed a logical combination, after-all a girls’ favourite things are her high heels and her horses.

What makes you feel inspired? 

I am my most creative when I see horses in movement. Big headlands and open fields and running free in their herds. I get a sense that anything is possible. I love the energy of gypsy cobs, they are charismatic, bold and somewhat magical and dreamy. That feeling of wild freedom inspires my fashion direction, photoshoots and all the love and energy that I put into my projects.

How did you fall in love with horses? 

I was super quiet when I was little. There was something about spending time with horses in silence that didn’t need a million words to communicate. The silence and being able to spend time with them and read their body language gave me a sense of belonging.

Do you remember your first riding experience? 

I couldn’t stop thinking about how on earth are these giant animals let people on their backs. I didn’t want to hurt the pony and kept thinking how magical the whole experience was.

You’ve come a long way in the industry since then! As well as a rider, instructor and commentator you are also well known for your achievements in fashion and modelling. What is your favourite Fashions on the Field memory?

My very first moment stepping on stage when I was 18years old. It was the Caulfield Cup and I had helped create a couture outfit which later became my signature look. Vintage with a modern twist. It was all so new and exciting that I never thought then that I would be where I am with Fashions in equestrian.

How do you prepare yourself mentality and physically for a busy events season and manage your hectic schedule? 

Call me old-school but I live in my notepad. I manage many relationships and always have a call to action so I don’t get behind on emails and phone calls. You need to stay focused and remember to enjoy yourself. Half the time I am learning my way through business so I try not to get to upset when things don’t work out.

Many women and girls look up to you as a fashion influencer, on Instagram, Fashions on the Field and other events, explain how you put together your sought after personal style.

Life is meant to be lived stylishly. I love bold statement pieces that stand out. I draw influence from the playful colours and movement of the European summer.  You can see this flow through my work with H&H and my outfits for events. Traditional styles, with a prints and exotic detail that make it your own. I always enjoy creating a look with personal detail and touch.

When we asked LaToyah to pick fashion icon she couldn’t choose just one!

I really love Sarah Jessica Parker, Victoria Beckam and Kate Middleton. Why? They all know how to accessorise!!

Speaking of influences, you often post quotes and empowering messages, do you have a personal favourite?

“Because fashion needs horses” that’s one of ours, Horseshoes & Highheels.

And “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different” – Coco Chanel.

You have previously worked as a mentor for young girls, what are some challenges the younger generation faces? How does H&H and your brand help overcome some of these issues?

I was a school teacher and then worked as a mentor and coach to young girls. Girls today are pressured to live and be perfection. I still now communicate a strong message that we are all unique and we should love and appreciate our singular beauty. We (HH) spend time creating opportunities for young women. Through our events and social media platforms we strive to making this a place of acceptance and diversity, a perfect example of this is the annual Hats for Hope event that we are involved in.

How does polo and racing fit into the message of female empowerment?

Both are very male dominated sports; however, the times are changing. We have women trainers and jockeys, polo is becoming a sport accessible to all to enjoy with huge growth for women in the sport. I think it’s great to be involved in both ‘privileged’ sports and communicating by bridging the gap. There is something for everyone to enjoy by going to a polo match or race day. Fashion has opened the doors for the opportunity and I hope to see more social groups and education of the sports themselves.

What is the next chapter of H&H? 

Most exciting is the announcement of our Fashions at the Polo offical partnership.  We have worked hard over the last 2 years building the brand and creating an online platform that is fun and aspirational for everyone who loves and appreciates horses. None of this would be possible without my amazing network and team, who I am so grateful for. The online space now is focused on growing its readership and community. Expect to be amazing by event news, updates, social media giveaways & prizes. So watch this space!


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