Helmet hair be gone: The horse riders guide to hair styling

Some people think that horse riding is all about cantering along the beach with glamorously windswept hair or sporting a neat-as-a-pin braid after completing a showjumping round. But we know the truth- that the sweat and grit of stable life can leave our hair feeling as dry as a horse’s tail. They don’t call it a pony tail for nothing! But Blow Bar Co is here to help, with tips from stylist Jordan Crugnale to keep your hair healthy and stylish.

Step 1: Avoiding helmet hair:

A low bun is the ideal look to compliment both you and your helmet.

Prep: add some label M extra strong hold gel through your hair line, brush it smooth and secure into a low pony. The long lasting hold and humidity control of Label M makes this fast drying non flaking gel a dream to work with! Add some oil to give it a shine and keep flyways secure without leaving your hair crunchy and prevent matting. Twist the pony until it’s tight, then simply wrap around the base of your pony tail, securing with another elastic to create an elegant and timeless look that will have you stable to stage ready in no time.

Rider’s tip: Use a hair elastic instead of bobby pins as they may cause discomfort while wearing a helmet.

Step 2: The transformation

If you spend too much time grooming your horse and don’t have enough time to groom yourself afterwards, you can prep the low bun to transform your hair after your ride.

Use the above technique minus the gel and keep your hair slightly damp. When you’ve finished riding your hair will have dried into a natural wave. Simply add Label M’s Volume Texturising Spray and shake out your mane.

This will give your hair an effortless undone wavy look that will have your ready for your next stop! If you happen to have a plug handy get your curling tong out and place a few random curls through the front and give you’re look that extra edge.


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