The worst thing about going on holiday is missing your horse. Or maybe you don’t have a horse yet and use your holidays to do as much riding as you can. Either way, we are here to help. No matter where you are in the world, or which riding style (or creature) you prefer, we have the perfect equine experience for you!

Scottish Highland Adventure

There is no better way to experience the wild beauty of the Scottish Highlands than in the saddle of a stocky Highland cob! This was my favourite horse riding adventure, the team at Highlands Unbridled give you a truly unique experience to live and ride like a local. Working holidays mean that you stay with the family and go into the stables each day to help with the horses and enjoy every aspect of horse care, including picturesque rides though the forest trails and along the beach. A must do for Outlander fans. From the rugged mountains to the historic village of Tain, you will never run out of things to explore at Highlands Unbridled. Working holidays run from a few weeks to a few months and is the ultimate UK horsey experience.

Donkey Treks in France

Ok, so technically this isn’t a horse holiday, but The Guardian recently ran a piece on this adorable way to see France and I couldn’t resist including it. Discover medieval villages and make new long-eared friends at the Ânes de Monédiès trekking centre. At the centre they take pride in their well-bred Pyrenean donkey’s. Over the centuries, the Pyrenean donkey was selected for their bravery and its agility on steep paths and cliffs. Although they are now an endangered species, by choosing this quirky way to explore some of the most breathtaking countryside in France, you are also contributing to the preservation of these humble creatures. “The Donkeys of Monedies” are located in Conques, a village on the way to Saint James of Compostela classified as a UNESCO World Heritage site. There are many beautiful treks to choose from and you can find out more at their website.

Dubai Desert Ride

Dubai holds a special place in our Horseshoes and Highheels heart. We’ve seen our founder, LaToyah Asha proudly showcase unique Ana Bella millinery and be featured in a Vogue best dressed list during her time at the Dubai World Cup. One thing she will never forget is her amazing desert ride experience. Galloping across the dunes into the sunset, like being transported through time. Need we say more? You can have your own authentic Arabian adventure. If a spirited Arabian horse seems a bit too fast paced then you can always opt to travel the dunes on our next favourite four legged desert friend, a camel!

Australian Outback Spirit

Back in Australia now, to discover another traditional equestrian culture experience. See the Aussie bush like the early settlers, by droving cattle across the countryside. At Glenworth in New South Wales you can saddle up and join the team on a cattle drive ride. How cool is that! Rides are 3.5 hours and include a BBQ lunch along the way. The horses at Glenworth are suitable for all riders, they aren’t like your usual stubborn trail horses. Expect a true Aussie experience, enjoy the fresh country air and soak in the outback spirit.

Cattle Drive


Enjoy the holiday and let them know we sent you x


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