I had a great experience meeting my new colt 'Real Saga X Cubism' recently. If you'd like to get involved and own the same horse, you can join on this journey from as little as $165 per share with @mirunnersdotcom.

We all have passions, and we all aspire to own something, or be part of a community, that relates to those passions.

Mine is horses, and has been since I was a young girl.

At school my teachers knew when I was at the races (even if my parents didn’t!). My parents were born in England (for those interested, Dad is Tyrone James and he played professional soccer with Fulham alongside George Best, Bobby Moore, Alan Mullery and Rodney Marsh). On visits back to the UK, I’d spend more of my time with a cousin who bought horses from Gypsies, retrained them as safe riding school horses, bought and trained showjumpers, and then sold them on. I wanted to spend my to time here in England than anywhere else.

I wanted to be a jockey (too tall), I wanted to work in the industry (could I afford to do what I loved?) but above all else I wanted to share my passion, and educate anyone who would listen on all things equine.

When I moved to Sydney from Melbourne, I felt slightly adrift. Melbourne and Victoria’s racing community is I think second-to-none (well, they do have the race that staps the nation). My Sydney network didn’t yet exist, but joining the ATC and then YPRbrought me into the NSW racing community, and from there to miRunners.

But did I imagine I’d ever own a thoroughbred race horse? No.

Until now. I’m an owner of the colt by Real Saga from Cubism (we’re about to sort that name out, by the way, and you can help). And I love it!

The experience of being part of such a young animal’s life is unique. I’ve been associated with individual horses in the past, and have worked with many at riding clubs and stables (before financial reality got in the way) but never one so young. I’m so excited at the prospect of seeing his growth and development over the next year or so, as part of a family of individuals who share the same passion for this wonderful horse.  And knowing how well he’s being cared for, and being able to see this with my own eyes, is very special and very important to me.

I’ve built my career in education, fashion and training based on creating communities, and the miRunners concept is creating a new type of community, which I love. It’s inspiring to be part of something new, something that is tied directly to an animal, and something that shakes the industry a little, but in such a positive way.

What’s great about all of this is that it’s an experience that anyone with $165 can also share. I haven’t won a lottery, and I’m not independently-wealthy, yet here I am, part-owner of my own horse! And it’s an ownership model and mechanism that simply works, and works simply.

As much as I love the fashion catwalk, anything that gets me into jodhpurs and riding boots and into a paddock with a wonderful horse is still, for me, the best thing ever.

Recent trip to visit our little mate who has just been put under saddle. Full of spark this young guy, we call him Bluey until he gets his racing name.
Digivizer20170519-0092 Ben Williams Photography

Digivizer20170519-0124 Ben Williams Photography

Digivizer20170519-0221 Ben Williams Photography

Digivizer20170519-0286 Ben Williams Photography

Digivizer20170519-0295 Ben Williams Photography
It was great to be involved in this trip to Emeran Park recently to meet the colt I’m now an owner of. If you’d like to join me on this journey and become an owner of ‘Real Saga X Cubism’ too, from only $165 per share, you can find out more here: https://mirunners.com/benefits/about-the-colt/


Live Amazing,
Enjoy the experience
LaToyah Asha
Director & Founder of Horseshoes & Highheels


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