It’s the start of a new year as 2016 rolls on I get excited about the goals I am planning.Last year was awesome and its has been exciting to see how H&H has continued to grow.

I feel accomplished with my launch in September at The Billich Gallery and having my first equestrian media personality role in Victoria at the National Show Horse Championships and Fashions off the Track Event.

This year I am pumped and excited to keep working towards keeping you up to date with what’s happening in both fashion and equestrian events.

My role as an equestrian coach now has me working from the beautiful Centennial Stables in Sydney CBD. Many classes are happening during the week for both junior and adult riders.

This year as part of the blog I want it to be about the fashion and style. It is really time to empower the equestrian women with style and grace. I want our HorseShoes and HighHeels ladies walking down the street and people can point her out saying “Wow, look at her she has equestrian style” I’m making it my number one priority to bring to you my favourite outfits and picks for each season for the rest of the year.

If you haven’t already make sure you follow my Instagram @Equestrian_Fashion_Blogger for the quick outfit edits. My diary is full with ideas and concepts I want to share with everybody. So please message me with any questions you have from equestrian events, to the right outfit for the right event.

Cheers to a New year with many exciting transitions and connection.

“If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got” Pat Parelli


Be Amazing,

Ride safe 🙂


La-Toyah Asha



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