It’s always a great feeling venturing out to the countryside. Today I visited Emeran Park, a thoroughbred spelling and rehabilitation centre, to visit a very special race horse named Saganaki, a young gelding connected to many people and their families.

Earlier in the year I became a proud owner of Saganaki – a Greek name meaning ‘appetiser of fried cheese’ (I love a good cheese platter and… wine :P)

More info on this little man – Saganaki –

It was all pampering, getting ready and time to shine for the team in front of the camera. You would have thought we were shooting the next big cover for Thoroughbred Racing with his presence and attitude. He was a gem and such great energy to be around.

A huge than k you to Shannon who has done wonders caring for this horse ‘he looked a million bucks’, shiny coat, a good spread of muscle and a bright sparkle in his eyes.

Hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I enjoyed taking them, he is a big character who loves being around people – and the camera 🙂

Hope to see you at the next horse visit or taking the journey to Magic Millions in 2018

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