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The sport of eventing is one of the most demanding of equestrian sports and is similar to a triathlon where the horse and rider compete in three phases – dressage, cross country and show jumping.

– Dressage phase is conducted first. The purpose of dressage is to develop harmony between horse and rider, making movements and transitions seem effortless.

– Cross-Country phase is to prove the speed, endurance and jumping ability of horse. At the same time it demonstrates the riders’ knowledge of paces and use of his horse across country.

– The Show Jumping phase usually run as the final phase is to prove that the horse has retained the suppleness, energy and obedience for it to continue after a significant test of endurance.

Take a look at this years very own #SydHT 2015. From horses, to fashion, enjoying jumping and commentary. What a brilliant day 🙂

Welcome to the Sydney International Horse Trails 2015
Now there comes a moment in life when you fall in love. And this horse, my friends, is a stallion I can’t resist. Stunning type with great conformation. Rommy seems to think so also
Known as Rommy from The Gostelow Equestrian Park. A secret favourite from the stable. Breeding Romany Ego Z Rex Z / Ego Gypsy
Enjoy the many fashions and saddleries today at #SydHT. Stay tuned for my season equestrian fashion choices for all your riding requirements. #horseshoesandhighheels


Equestrian sports and riding isn’t complete unless you have yourself the luxury wheels to travel in. Let me show you around the finest in transportation from Wade Group.


Many years the Wade brand has established a reputation for producing world class products specialising in high quality horse coaches and specialised commercial vehicles. Wade Equine Coaches have being leading the way in equestrian transport for more than 20 years. Over this time Wade Equine Coaches has developed a reputation for unsurpassed quality and innovative design. Wade Group have all the necessary licensing requirements and experience with exporting to Australia and beyond. For unsurpassed quality, drive a “Wade” Stay tuned for the full exclusive interview and tour with Wade Group. Coming Soon @Equestrian_Fashion_Blogger #HorseShoesandHighHeels

siht13 Living – What perfect interior and styling.siht9 siht10

Live with highly recognisable commentary and equestrian NSW officials. Pre ShowJumping to commence in the indoor. – Colleen has been an international equestrian coach and competitor for many years. – Martin Gostelow specialise’s in Junior and Young Rider competition coaching. Martin has acheived consistant results over the last 15 years and is reknowed as one of Australia’s best junior coaches.


Martin Gostelow in the warmup arena riding Rommy.

To your riding success,

Be Amazing !!

@Equestrian_Fashion_Blogger #HorseShoesandHighHeels

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