I have always loved horses and have been captivated by their majestic ways, their gentle strength, their beauty and their freedom.
The horse is a paradox – they are powerful yet ever so vulnerable.
Horse whispering is the art of working with the horse’s paradox of strength and vulnerability.

I wanted to learn horse whispering when I hit a block in my riding, I had the good fortune to know that it could not be the horses fault that our ride wasn’t smooth, it must have been something I was doing! After all a horse is a horse! I knew until I found what it was that I was doing I could not expect progress in my riding ability.
So I said to myself that I need a good horse whisperer. Ask and you shall receive… A few years later I met a horse whisperer by chance and then the journey of horse whispering began.
The journey of learning horse whispering took me to a place I could only have dreamt of.
As I began horse whispering, my initial thoughts about riding horses were proven, if I wanted to see a change in my riding I had to change something I was doing.
I came to learn that:
“The horse is a mirror to your soul. Sometimes you might not like what you see. Sometimes you will”
– Buck Brannaman
Horse whispering uncovered that the outcome of a relationship with a horse was dependant on our own ability to master ourselves, to know ourselves and here is why. 93% of human communication is non-verbal, which means our main form of communication is through body language. Body language is controlled by our thoughts and feelings, learning to master what we think and feel alters our body language. Horses communicate through body language, so in order to work with a horse we must learn to read their body language and in turn understand our own – for the horse is reading us and responding to our communication. When you start horse whispering you begin to understand that you are not teaching the horse but teaching yourself how to master yourself.
My horse whispering journey led me to set up Pegasus Leadership – an organisation dedicated to building human leadership through the way of the horse. The fundamental idea of Pegasus Leadership is that the horse teaches us how to take the reins to our lives, and enable us to build a better relationship with ourselves and ultimately others.
The biggest gift to date that this journey has given me is my beloved horse Big Red. Big Red was rescued from the Echuca horse sales just over a year ago. He was seen advertised for sale on the Echuca horse sale page and was purchased by a lady named Anita from Perth. Anita saved two horses that day Big Red and Lucky the Shetland pony. Anita found the details of a horse whisperer in Echuca and called her up to secure a safe place for the horses and their temporary home until good owners were found. Anita paid for their agistment until that time. Not too long after Big Red’s and Lucky’s rescue I visited my horse whisperer friend in Echuca. As soon as I got the farm, straight from a 2.5 hour drive from Melbourne my friend said to me before you do anything I want you to work with this horse, the horse was Big Red.
As soon as I took the lead rope, I realised how huge Big Red’s heart was and I felt the abuse he had been through, he was tired – tired of being misunderstood, tired of being moved from one owner to the next, tired of being used for his strength and beauty. However, there was another thing I felt in Big Red, that trumped anything else and that was his HOPE. Big Red still believed in humanity, despite what he had suffered at the hands of humans. That evening Big Red was given to me, and I became his new and final human.
I have been on adventure with Big Red over the last year, and the adventure has been completely internal. For everything that I am today I give full credit to my horse – the truth is he saved me.
I could go on and on about how my horse has saved me and what he has given me, but I will tell you of three skills that I have learnt from Big Red, which have altered my life drastically away from the paddock and they are:
These three things have altered my perspective of the world and in turn changed my world. These three skills have empowered me to take ownership of my life and shape my destiny.
Big Red, my darling I thank you for carrying me on a journey of self-discovery that has been made much easier with 4 legs.

Big Red gave me the reigns to my life.


Love the life you live <3

Thank you for sharing your story Gina. We look forward to hearing more and learning more about your connection with horses and of course your beautiful boy Big Red xxx

Be Amazing,

Equestrian Fashion Blogger



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