If there were a time of year I love dressing for the most, it would have to be in the cooler seasons. Nature inspires my colour choices, giving me the perfect theme for the next couple of months. I can’t get enough of dressing up my outfits with some key pieces. I wanted to share with you all my choices for the next seasons:

  1. Scarfs

I can’t leave home without wearing a scarf, especially when the weather starts to cool down. Not only does it serve to keep me warm, it’s also important I take the right scarf with me, whether I’m busy running around the streets of Sydney or spending time at the stables with my horses. Depending on my outfits, I have a variety of scarfs to dress up what I am wearing. When I’m done with wearing it, I just tie it to my handbag to add a little extra colour or texture. A scarf is a great little extra something to accessorize with.

  1. The Leather Jacket

Now when you pick up that leather jacket in the store and feel your heart sink when you look at the tag, don’t stress. I manage to pick up leather jackets in the warmer season as they are on sale and coming out of season. But best of all, they last forever and the more you wear them the cooler they look. Start with a black leather jacket and then start exploring different colours. The genuine leather jacket pictured on my blog is from Just Jeans and I love this particular shade of khaki. They are also super warm and keep the breeze out, especially when you have to dash around.

  1. Boots

No one believes me when I say my designer leather boots I bought in Dubai were 90 % off… I know right!! Have you ever heard of a discount like this before? My mother would be proud I couldn’t leave the country without them. These Italian made leather Baldinini boots have been the best footwear for this season. I have been wearing them for all occasions and with such fine detail, you can dress them up, or dress them plain. Can’t resist a bargain, that’s for sure.





Photographer: Emma Hale Photography


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